About staffs

Srey sothy joined Luck nuvo on May . Befor she’s a waitress in Restaurant for 3 years,sothy she is a quite person but she is friendly. She works at Luck Nuvo spa for Recieptionist. I am interesting in my work because I can get more experience that I never had befor. And thank you for everyone in here and my boss who give me a good occation to grow up.

Chear was born in Siem Reap province , She been working as Spa Therapist since 2007 in small spa and she start to work for our Luck Nuvo Massage & Spa since new opening , She is the one of out best therapist , Khmer massage and body treatment expert . I am feel very excited to join Luck Nuvo Massage & Spa as I get new experience from my colleagues and I love my boss and all my team , because they are very kind to me as I am their family . Even our Spa is new opening but I hope all customer will come and try our new service and world wild experience .

Vichet is very smart and learns very quickly new skill, She had very bad condition in family since she was childhood, She do her best to work hard because need fund to support her family. She is very good Thai massage and Body aroma massage. I am very happy to work here. I can learn many new techniques that I never had before , especially Japanese massage . Our colleagues understand and help each other and I’m feel very warm as my boss and our Luck Nuvo Massage & Spa team treat me well. I would like to say thanks you so much for my boss that give me a best opportunity to develop my skill .

She is from Battambong Province , and live in Siem reap 7 years ago . She joined our company since new opening after she was worked in beauty treatment shop , she is very friendly and keeping smile all the time to welcome the dearest costumers . She is perfect body care skill. I like to work here because I can learn new skill and improve my knowledge. My dream in the Future is that I have my own Spa . I would like to thank you to my team as they do train me all the best, I have good memory in Luck Nuvo massage & Spa as my job experience.

Chenda joined our Spa after she was working as Spa therapist for 3 years at Royal Spa . She is the one of our staff don’t like to talk much with other but she like to train something new , and exchange experience to other staff . I am a bit quite person but very open mind and happy with my team because they always share me about their job experience and even personal . I hope I can working for Luck Nuvo as for longtime because my boss has provide a good benefit to me and I can support my family in good condition.